Cabin Club Supply Co.

Cabin Club Supply Co. is an ongoing personal project. Branding and products are all developed by Ben Teschner. Cabin Club's products include handmade reclaimed timber furniture, home decor and prints. Currently Cabin Club Supply Co. is in the process of expanding itโ€™s online store to include t-shirt designs and poster prints. All products are hand made locally using recycled and reclaimed materials.

Cabin Club logo and branding elements

Cabin Club | Website Banner

Cabin Club | Business Cards

Cabin Club | Left: Reclaimed Pallet Shelf Right: Hand Painted Saw

Cabin Club | Reclaimed Pallet Shelf

Cabin Club | Reclaimed Timber Box

Cabin Club |  Left: Timber Stump Table Right: Reclaimed Timber Stool

Cabin Club | Left: Reclaimed Timer Shelf Right: Timber Stump Table

Cabin Club | Brown Bag