White Bear Foundation

The White Bear Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to work with children and young adults to build up their self-esteem, confidence and resilience in the years leading to secondary school. The foundation offers programs, workshops and presentations tailored to suit children, families, parents and schools. These workshops are held in a fun and educational environment that provide young people with the self-management tools to deal with the ups and downs of the high school years and beyond. The organisation was named after the white Spirit Bear that represents peace and harmony in some Native American cultures.

โ€œ I have from the onset always been impressed with the quality of Ben's work, as well as the dedication he puts into every task and the high quality he produces. He is always punctual and reliable which allows him to stand out from most other graphic designers I have worked with over the years. Two years ago when Ben heard that I was commencing the White Bear Foundation he volunteered his time to produce the cover of a book 'The Strange Adventures of Charles P Dalwell by Peter James Bach which I was publishing, and where all profits go the foundation. After designing the cover of the book Ben then volunteered his time and over the last two years has designed all of the art work for the website and marketing material for the foundation. The committee has been extremely appreciative with his generosity towards the foundation with his support helping the foundation at the weekend workshops for preteens in building their self-esteem. I have worked with many young people throughout my career and Ben stands out above most young people of the same age for his impeccable integrity, maturity, honesty and for being the responsible person he is."

โ€” Maria Bach | Director and Owner of Queensland School of Beauty Therapy and White Bear Foundation

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