Fresh Start Finance

While working with Canada Drives, I was tasked with rebranding the rapidly growing parent company Fresh Start Finance. The brand required a new modern brand system to complement its intuitive, tech-savy approach to the financing/personal loans industry. Using easy online application processes Fresh Start Finance provides Personal Loans for whatever you need, quickly, from the comfort of your home using the online application.

The ultimate task was to re-brand Fresh Start Finance as simply Fresh Start. Designing a dynamic branding language yet reflecting a trustworthy and stable feeling.


Rebranding and Logo Construction


After solid market research and conceptualizing, I landed on some brand metaphors and attributes that reflected the Fresh Start values and services.

Leading to three strong attributes: communication/Speech Bubble, letters F and S a dollar symbol and the continuous flow of the logo, representing the smooth complete process of the application .


Exploration and Conceptualisation 

Sketching is one of the key stages in the branding process. This is a visual exploration and the basis for dialog between our myself and a client. During this stage, we just explore what works to discover which shape expresses a brand's mood in the best way.

A brand new digital presence

To match the new logo and branding, the website and online application received a much needed facelift. A clean, modern and user friendly approach to the design were implemented. Complimented by new illustrations, animations and iconography to give a much needed visual boost to the new digital design.